Hello there, I am Anudeep Chirumalla, an east coast India native. I am a cross-domain expert in cloud-native and data-enabled ML projects at scale currently working for Tech Mahindra Ltd.

What did I do in the last decade?

Graduated with CS degree and MBA, traveled seven countries, worked in a tad french IT company and looked after scrum follow-ups between the client (of internet and data-enabled marketing firm) and development team based in Pune. Worked with Internet giant(client) in a team to ensure Trust & Safety for its flagship video platform’s user community. Acted as advisor of open-source product idea and development for Kalana AI, LLC. Worked with R&D and datasets production team to produce verifiable content to top search engines. Currently working in a team to provide ML-enabled data for global IT company’s AI product, at Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Did more than twenty small treks and was privileged to complete a solo hiking trail, Tour du Mont Blanc. Been to beautiful cities such as Barcelona, Lyon, Paris, Geneva, Warsaw, etc.

Goals for the next decade !!

  • Endurance: Stay fit and healthy.
  • Consistency: Career in a reputed company matching my IKIGAI.
  • Starting up: Tech startup, Food blog.
  • Travel: Travel to the Himalayas.
  • Empathy: Being generous.
  • Happiness: Having great family.



  • Art, Travel and Food.
  • Opensource, Startups and Product ideas.
  • Capital Markets.
  • I lived in Tamil Nadu for four years and French Alps for four years that means I know languages and culture.

Have a great day!!